SSA National Schools Poster Competition

Primary & Secondary


2016 Summary

  • 828 students (from all states and territories except SA and NT) submitted posters
  • 293 posters were submitted


Division School (Teacher) Students Project Title Click to Download
Years 3-4 St Joseph's Primary School Merewether, NSW
(Alison Smith)
Molly Boyle,
Angus McCluskey,
Alex Fox
Brazil vs Canada - Natural Disaster Occurrences 2009-2014
Years 5-6 St John the Baptist, NSW
(Fran Kane)
Erin Scahill,
Kathleen Farrell,
Louise Smith,
Emily Rologas,
Fred Rutherford
Which primary year uses the most devices at St. John the Baptist?
Years 7-8 Lakes Anglican Grammar School, NSW
(Jenny Charker)*
Emily Riches,
Kaitlin Moore,
Brandon Lao
All Saints Catholic College, NSW
(Katrina Brubacher)*
Justine Bui,
Reeze Gomez,
Ella Vellickovic
How Has Transportation to School Changed Over the Years and How Have States Used It Differently
Mansfield State High School, QLD
(Kylie Agnew)*
Maike Hager,
Shisa Longchari,
Jacinta Tseng
Hours of Sport Played by students in grade 8 to 11 each week
Years 9-10 Brindabella Christian School, ACT
(Dianna Fitzsimons)
Soohoon Lee,
Lachlan Shilling,
Daniel Qin
Growth Development of Plants
* JOINT WINNERS in the Years 7-8 Division

Honourable Mentions

Division School (Teacher) Students Project Title
Years 3-4 St John the Baptist, NSW
(Margaret McCartney)
Charlotte Fortune,
Alex Kelly,
Alana Wickham,
Sophia Wills
Traditional Pastimes vs Technological Pastimes
Years 5-6 Turner School, ACT
(Sam Hardwicke)
Scarlet Hilli,
Lukas Diaz,
Rohan Borg
How do People get to Work/School?
St Joseph's Primary School Merewether, NSW
(Alison Smith)
Lachlan Collins,
Jack Breasley
OTTAWA vs SYDNEY: Who's Temperature Is Rising Higher?
Turner School, ACT
(Sam Hardwicke)
Sienna Bowman,
Emma Tuttle,
Guy Flynn,
Oscar Duncan-Simpson
Bike Paths in Canberra
Years 9-10 Baldivis Secondary College,WA
(Belinda Miller)
Bernise Roelofse,
Berdine Roelofse
Declining Rainfall
St Aidan's Anglican Girls' School, QLD
(Sylvia Hicks)
Ruby Harris,
Bonnie Wegener
Super antimicrobials save the day
Parade College, Bundoora, VIC
(James Donald)
Daniel Blaker,
Jordan Di Palma,
Oliver Rhodes
Report on findings relating to the prediction of AFL game results
The Hutchins School, TAS
(Peter Crofts)
Ethan Hine, Reuben Nettlefold, Malcolm Ward Lambert Park Ecosystems Investigation

2015 Summary

  • 235 students (from all states and territories except South Australia and Northern Territory) submitted posters
  • 76 posters were submitted


Division School (Teacher) Students Project Title
Years 7-8 Mansfield State High, QLD
(Kylie Agnew)
Hiruni Dharmasena,
Deana Benko
The Hours of Sleep Mystery
Year 9-10 The Hutchins School, TAS
(Peter Crofts)*
Jack Gartlan,
Samuel King,
Harrison Wink
Lambert Park Ecosystem Investigation
Mentone Girls' Grammar, VIC
(Elham Heidari Beni)*
Natasha Fisher,
Michelle Fisher
Cost Effective Wind Turbines
* JOINT WINNERS in the Years 9-10 Division

Honourable Mentions

Division School (Teacher) Students Project Title
Years 7-8 All Saints Boys College, NSW
(Katrina Brubacher)
Ruby John,
Adrian Arena,
Brandon Alves,
Emily Hoang
Which Substance Best Preserves an Apple?
Years 9-10 Mentone Girls' Grammar, VIC
(Elham Heidari Beni)
Sarah Avery,
Elizabeth Earney
Producing Energy With the Least Expense
Lisarow High, NSW
(Ben Surwald)
Samantha Coutts-Bain,
Olivia Young,
Rhiannon Mobbs-Keegan
The Longevity of Plums
Lisarow High, NSW
(Ben Surwald)
Charlotte Salter,
Alison Portelli,
Jasmine Johstone
Gluten Content of Flour
The Hutchins School, TAS
(Peter Crofts)
Fergus Charles,
Kenneth King,
Sebastian Robinson,
Liam Usoalii
Lambert Park (Under the Surface)
Years 11-12 Hunter School of the
Performing Arts, NSW
(Cassandra Portelli)
Kristen Bintley,
Charles Lowe,
Shannon Groves,
Jayden Castle
The Enthusiasm of Students Toward this Poster Project
Hunter School of the
Performing Arts, NSW
(Cassandra Portelli)
Emogen Mahony,
Chelsea Rothery
Aldi Versus Woolworths

2014 Summary

  • 85 students competed
  • 32 posters were submitted
  • Over 40 people attended the poster display and awards ceremony on 5th December, 2014, at the University of Newcastle
  • View photos from the 2014 awards ceremony

DIVISION: Year 9/10

  • Winning Teams and Schools

  • Lisarow High School
    "The Deterioration of Teeth in Liquids"

    Aim: To determine the effects of different liquids on teeth deterioration.
    Authors: Tyler Hayter, Taylor Cheetham, Chloe Hatcher and Brooke Khoury

    Maitland Grossmann High School
    "How to make 2 minute noodles in 3 minutes"

    Aim: To test whether adding salt to water increases the boiling point.
    Authors: Grace Forbes and Kayla Crow

  • Honourable Mentions

    Maitland Grossmann High School
    "Electric Bike Challenge"

    Aim: To test what position on an electric bike will create the least drag.
    Authors: Max Carter and Logan Dart

    Maitland Grossmann High School
    "Growth Rates of Foot Bacteria for Males and Females"

    Aim: To determine which gender produces the greatest amount of foot bacteria.
    Authors: Jade Bassett and Luke Green

    Maitland Grossmann High School
    "Does diet cola react the best with Mentos?"

    Aim: To conduct the popular Coca-Cola and Mentos geyser experiment and measure the results to observe which type of Coca-Cola (diet, classic or zero) reacted most effectively.
    Authors: Lara Murray, Amy Williams and Emma James

DIVISION: Year 11/12

  • Winning Team and School

    Kotara High School
    What are the representations of ethnicities in prime-time TV advertisements?"

    Aim: To assess how well-represented various ethnicities are on TV compared with population figures.
    Authors: Jacqueline Willing, Alena Payne and Ellen Frohlich

  • Honourable Mention

    Hunter School for the Performing Arts
    What can we de-juice?"

    Aim: To determine the effect of glucose on test performance.
    Authors: Tasman Fell, Isaac Ewald, Daisy Jarrett, Alex Riordan, Tahlia Quinn